Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gardenia: Day 1

Gardenia heads for Central Park--she's heard lots of good things about the place.

She fishes for a while, without any success.

"Hmmm," she says aloud. "This cheese bait is doing me no good whatsoever!" Having caught nothing, she resolves to change bait after lunch.

She harvests fruit from a few apple and lime trees,

and eats some fruit to keep herself going.

"This is an okay apple, but I'm just sure I can grow a better one."

She notices some seeds on the ground, and picks them up to plant later.

After lunch, Gardenia uses the public restroom at the park so that she can keep fishing without going home.

"This is fairly clean," she observes approvingly. "Though my toilet at home is certainly nicer."

She fishes into the night, and her luck improves--she catches one Red Herring and a few Goldfish,

and even learns a couple of things about bait:

By the end of the night, she has improved her fishing skill to Level 4.

Tired, she goes home to shower and sleep,

but then gets a second wind and decides to plant some of the seeds and fruits she harvested at the park that day.

Her extra effort pays off--she reaches Gardening Level 1!

Exhausted, she finally gets to bed just before dawn.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, for the next couple of days of Gardenia's challenge.

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