Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gardenia: Day 12

Early Thursday morning, Gardenia bravely tried fishing at the graveyard,

but by dawn she had caught nothing.

On her way to Stoney Falls to fish, though, she happened upon an old abandoned mine

that wasn't indicated as such on her map.

The ground in front of the mine entrance was littered with gems and ore.

And, on her way to Stoney Falls, Gardenia found a couple of insects, including a very valuable one.

At Stoney Falls, her luck continued,

as she found a fair-sized asteroid.

Back at home, Gardenia took a quick nap, then again made her favorite dish, Autumn Salad, and reached Cooking Level 3,

enabling her to buy new recipes at the bookstore. "I haven't even read the recipes I already have--I've been so busy!"

After lunch, Gardenia checked her mail. She received some gems back from the cutter,

and sold them.

She sold her cheaper ore outright (that is, she didn't spend the money necessary to have it smelted).

She analyzed the space rocks she had collected,

and sold them.

She stored her Red Herring in the fridge to use later as fertilizer,

and was busy upgrading some of her plants, and disposing of inferior plants, when her cellphone rang.

Though she was quite tired and had been looking forward to going to bed, she dragged herself to City Hall,

and remedied their problem.

She received $500!


  1. Looks like Gardenia hit the jackpot this time with the collectibles. Always nice when that happens. And what an unusual opportunity...did she have to go fulfill it right away or did you just choose to do so?

  2. The text said: "Get to City Hall quickly before the situation worsens and you'll be paid well," so that's why I sent Gardenia right away. Although the text doesn't include a deadline, I thought she might be paid more if she went right away than if she waited till the following day. Who knows, though?