Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gardenia: Days 41 - 43

When she woke up Friday before dawn, Gardenia--her needs high--set out again for the library to try to master the Cooking skill, which was one of the very few requirements she still needed to fulfill for the GAC Challenge. She resumed reading "Cooking Volume 3".

About 5 and a half hours later, Gardenia reached Cooking Level 9 (though she still hadn't finished the book).

"Even with that 'Fast Learner' Lifetime Reward I purchased, it still takes me a really long time to complete these higher skill levels," she said to herself. "I bet someone with the Bookworm trait would do much better. If I ever write a blog about my experience, I'll be sure to pass that idea on."

By late afternoon, she was so tired she had to give up and go home. "This must be the longest book I've ever read!"

She went to sleep just before 5:30 p.m.,

and slept well into the night.

Saturday morning, Gardenia harvested her garden, talked to her plants, and sold 12 money bags for $2,223.

She found that she finally had a few--but only a few--of the Outstanding steaks that she needed for the Omni Plant challenge.

She returned to the library to study Cooking, and just after 7 p.m. on Saturday finally reached Cooking Level 10.

"I still have to learn a few more recipes, though."

On her way home, she stopped at the grocery and sold her extra produce and fish,

for the impressive total of $5,399.

(Gardenia had decided to sell all of the Vampire Fish and Deathfish that she had accumulated, as she had determined that stocking her pond with various types of fish was not worth the trouble, since it took her so long to catch anything at home.)

Gardenia went home, slept for a few hours, then went to the Science Facility early Sunday morning to try to catch the last type of fish that had so far eluded her.

In about an hour, she had caught a Robot Fish,

and so had completed the Amateur Ichthyologist Challenge.

She also caught an old electric guitar, which she sold immediately for $600.

She checked her Lifetime Happiness points, and found that she was back up to 9,592 points.

(Gardenia was saving up her points for the Bookshop Bargainer reward, so that she could get a good discount on the remaining recipes she needed, including the recipe for Ambrosia, which she had heard normally cost $12,000. Gardenia had been hoping for a 20% discount from the bookstore, but so far there hadn't been one.)

She spun a wish to catch an insect,

so used her Collection Helper to find the nearest bug,

and quickly caught an uncommon Rhino Beetle,

netting her 350 Lifetime Happiness points. Since she was already at the Science Facility, she quickly sold the insect, for $132.

Gardenia now had more than $23,000 in family funds, and she elected to invest $18,000 in the theater.

Gardenia knew that partnership profits for every business in Sunset Valley were always paid on Mondays, and she wasn't sure whether investing on Sunday would get her a profit payment as soon as the following day. "I guess we'll see," she mused.

She returned to the library before noon on Sunday, and sat down to read the last recipe in her inventory, Eggs Machiavellian.

Having mastered that, and still having some energy, she went to the bookstore and bought another recipe.

"I sure hate paying $650 for a recipe!" Gardenia needed 4 more expensive recipes, so she was still hoping for either a big sale at the bookstore or to amass enough Lifetime Happiness points that she could get a good discount.

By 4:13 Sunday afternoon, Gardenia had mastered the Tri-Tip Steak recipe,

and had reached 9,933 Lifetime Happiness points. (She needed 10,000 for the Bookshop Bargainer reward she had her eye on.)

Anxious to learn all the recipes required by the GAC Challenge, Gardenia ran to the bookstore to look for new recipes.

The next recipe, for Stuffed Turkey, was priced at $800. Though Gardenia technically had enough money to afford it, she balked at spending that much.

"Oh come on!" she cried. "I'm not going to pay that, and I'm just sure I can earn a discount before too long!"

To increase her Lifetime Happiness points, she went to Central Park and fished, which always made her happy. She caught yet another electric guitar, which she immediately sold, for $600.

She was soon over 10,000 points.

Gardenia then purchased the Bookshop Bargainer reward she needed to make the remaining recipes that she needed relatively affordable.

Gardenia went back to the bookstore, and was delighted to see that the recipe prices had come down considerably.

She returned to the library and learned her new recipe.

She headed home to sleep at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, stopping only at the grocery to sell a few items.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, for the completion of Gardenia's GAC Challenge!


  1. Great update, as always. I'm really enjoying keeping up with Gardenia's adventures.

    The Haggler reward is a good one to get, also. I waited until I had the Haggler and Bookshop Bargainer, then the store had a 20% off sale, to get the final few recipes. I think I calculated a 48% total discount.

    Shelly B.

  2. Woot! Grats Gardenia for being almost finished with the challenge. And thanks for the tip about the Bookshop Bargainer reward. I know a gal named Harriet who will likely be interested in that bit of information.

  3. Thanks to you both. I've never considered the "Haggler" reward--does it help get discounts on recipes, Shelly?

  4. I think so. It's suposed to give a 'discount at stores', but it doesn't specify which store. That's unlike the Bookshop Bargainer which says it gives 'cheaper books'.

    I know I had both by the end of the challenge and I bought 'Ambrosia' for $6300 with the 20% sale on at the book store.

    Shelly B.