Monday, July 6, 2009

Gardenia's challenge lot

Though the GAC challenge's rules would allow Gardenia to add points to her score for every dollar she did not spend furnishing her lot initially, Gardenia has decided against this, and spent nearly as much money as she had available.

She has, however, elected to live outdoors, which has freed up a lot of funds.

She bought herself an excellent bed,

a top-quality shower and toilet,

and a first-rate eating and kitchen area (for when she eventually learns to cook).

(You may have noticed that Gardenia--who loves the outdoors--is a big fan of patina, and has bought a number of items with a sort of "rust patina", which may look cheap but, as Veil has discovered in RL, actually costs quite a bit more than non-decrepit-and-rusted-looking stuff....)

Gardenia's lot even has a small pond, and a reading area next to it.

(Note the small stereo, which Gardenia bought so that she can listen to her favorite Latin music while she gardens and studies.)

Following the challenge rules, Gardenia moves all the food from her new fridge into her inventory to use as bait, and heads off to Central Park to fish.

Just before leaving her lot, Gardenia reduces her family funds to zero. "Gulp!" she says. "I better be serious about this challenge...."

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when we see how successful--or not--Gardenia is on her first fishing expedition.


  1. Great idea with the stereo. I'll have to remember that tip :)

  2. Good start - I'm looking forward to following your challenge and picking up some gardening tips!