Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gardenia: Days 30 - 31

After she woke up, Gardenia spun a wish that somewhat confused her.

"Well, I certainly don't have a 'bargain john', since I spent quite a lot of money on this toilet!"

But, she upgraded her expensive toilet anyway, hoping that doing so would get her 300 Lifetime Happiness points,

and she was happy to see that it did.

She also spun a wish to improve her cooking skill, and did so.

She went back to sleep, and just from her happy moodlets (being comfortable, being on a nicely decorated lot, having had a satisfying meal, being outdoors, and possessing a Flame Fruit in her inventory), she passed 40,000 Lifetime Happiness points while she slept.

She was finally able to purchase the Collection Helper,

which put her back to only 1 Lifetime Happiness point.

"I'm really going to have to apply myself in order to get another 20,000 points for the Super Green Thumb reward that's required for this challenge!"

But she thought the Collection Helper was certainly worth getting, and she set out exploring. In record time, she had gathered numerous rocks, gems, and ores, among them:

She returned home, sold the cheaper gems outright, sent worthier gems off to be cut, and was finally able to get the Pear Cut,

which she used on the most valuable gem she had found.

On Tuesday morning, Gardenia tended and harvested her garden,

and sold the money bags she had harvested for $1,364.

She had to fix her dishwasher again ("Gee, for a top-of-the-line dishwasher, this sure does need a lot of repair work!").

She got back several items in the mail,

including her Tanzanite. The pear cut had increased the gem's value from $77 to $134.

She sold her 4 oval-cut yellow sapphires for $282,

and her palladium ingot for $647.

That evening, she collected her partnership profits from the grocery ($1,000),

and from the bookstore (another $1,000),

so Gardenia finally had enough money to become a partner in the bistro.

She went back to the grocery and sold her extra fish and produce and, after stocking up on links to use as bait for Red Herring,

Gardenia's family funds equaled $2,022.

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  1. Gardenia's doing great :) And doing much better overall financially than Harriet is I think. She only has one partnership so far, to the grocery store.