Friday, July 17, 2009

Gardenia: Days 17 - 18

Gardenia awoke before dawn on Tuesday and immediately set about planting the garlic she had found the previous day at Crystal Springs.

She got her Luminorious Gem back from the gem cutters, and sold it for $355.

She (unusually) made herself breakfast (Gardenia usually just ate fruit out of her backpack for breakfast).

She traveled to the Science Facility, scavenging along the way, and sold her insects.

She analyzed the space rock she had found, and that turned out favorably.

Back at home, she planted the remainder of the Unknown seeds she had found,

and read recipes till she was so tired she could read no more.

After a few hours of sleep, Gardenia tried fishing at the graveyard again Wednesday morning, and this time she was successful.

Once dawn broke, she went to Old Pier Beach and caught several excellent specimens of fish:



and Swordfish,

and added details to her Fishing skill journal.

Back at home, she sold her Palladium for $745,

and her Gold for $176.

She went to the market to sell her fish for $690,

and went home, slept for a while, and tried making Ratatouille.

In so doing, Gardenia reached Cooking Level 4.

Right after she ate, she spun a wish to prepare a meal using fish she'd caught,

so, though she wasn't hungry, she went to fish in her own pond, caught a Red Herring,

prepared sushi (and put it in the fridge as leftovers),

and thereby gained herself 300 Lifetime Happiness points.

Gardenia went to bed, and, after 18 days,

she had reached Cooking Level 4, Fishing Level 8, Gardening Level 8, and Handiness Level 2.

Her family funds equaled $2,702,

she had a $7,000 investment in the grocery,

her lot was worth $10,200 as furnished,

she knew 39% of recipes,

had caught 81% of fish,

and had raised Perfect plants of grapes and tomatoes.


  1. Good job as always. I like the fishing shots of her holding up what she just caught. The jellyfish is really quite pretty in that shot.