Monday, July 13, 2009

Gardenia: Days 10 - 11

Gardenia started out Tuesday by fishing in her pond (but she better notice those wilting plants behind her before it's too late!).

She turned on the sprinklers, harvested her plants, and,

as she had expected, got several Excellent bunches of grapes from her Great grapevine.

She spent the day collecting, and in the evening went to Justine Keaton's house to deliver the grapes,

and received $560!

She went home to sleep and sold another couple of gems, for a total of $82.

Wednesday morning she tended her garden,

harvested some Great lettuce,

and was able to identify another couple of her previously Unknown plants.

Late morning, she headed back to Recurve Strand to fish

and scavenge for the day.

On her way home she stopped by the Science Facility, and received $370 for her donations.

Back at home, she was disappointed to find that, though she was now a Level 7 gardener, she still couldn't identify all of her plants.

She decided to go to bed for a few hours, then get up and try fishing at the graveyard.

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