Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gardenia: Day 16

Gardenia awoke Monday before dawn, starved for food,

and for company.

After she had remedied both those situations, she tended to her garden,

disposing of the inferior plants, as usual.

She then tried a new fishing location, Crystal Springs,

where she finally found a garlic plant.

"I've been looking for you forever!"

Her cellphone rang with another opportunity.

"That can't be too hard, since I've caught them before." Gardenia immediately set about catching the bait for the Black Goldfish, which was Goldfish, and caught quite a few of them using the preferred bait for Goldfish, which was apples.

She took time out to shower at the gym near the park, so that her needs didn't crater.

She went to Central Park (since it was very near the Police Station), and caught a Black Goldfish.

She immediately went to the Police Station to deliver the fish.

and received $1,110!

Gardenia took a moment to take stock of her earnings, and realized, belatedly, that she had enough money to invest in a local enterprise. She opted for the grocery, since she did so much business with them.

Back at home late at night, she took care of her plants,

and went to bed just after 11:00 p.m.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: $1,110 seems an odd amount to be a challenge reward, and I wonder if that particular amount is due to Gardenia's "Lucky" trait, which supposedly gets her more from opportunities. Has anyone else had a Sim with this particular opportunity? If so, do you remember what your Sim got for completing it successfully?


  1. I haven't seen that opportunity before. I do have a sim with the Lucky trait, but I've never really paid attention to whether she gets more for opportunities or not. Most of the ones she gets are work related ones anyway that just result in job performance/relationship raises instead of cash rewards. I'll try to remember to take note of what the reward is if Harriet or another of my sims ever gets that opportunity.

  2. It's normal. I got the same opportunity and result. My sim didn't have the lucky trait.


    P.S. Loving the story!

  3. Thanks, Shelly. I'm starting to think that the only benefit to the Lucky trait is the mood boost (on days that the shamrock shows up as a moodlet).