Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gardenia: Days 7 - 8

Just after midnight Saturday morning, Gardenia arose, showered, and made herself another Autumn Salad,

increasing her Cooking skill to 2.

Gardenia had 7 happy moodlets all at the same time: Well-Rested, Nicely Decorated, Comfy (from her dining chair), One With Nature, Exhilarating Shower, Satisfying Meal, and Squeaky Clean.

One of the previously Unknown plants came up as a bell pepper, so Gardenia moved it to its own column in the plot and watered it. (Though Gardenia owned several sprinklers, she preferred to water by hand if she had the time, since that increased her Gardening skill.)

She planned to return to Sunnyside Strand to try to catch the Tragic Clownfish again, but spent some time fishing in her own small pond in order to increase her stock of Red Herring for fertilizer.

She caught several, and also one new fish, a salmon, then ran out of the links she was using for bait.

After putting all of the Red Herring in her fridge, she headed to the market to sell all of her other fish,

and to stock up on links.

She hurried to Sunnyside Strand, and was happy to find that there was another watermelon to be harvested. "If I'm right, I'll need only one," she told herself.

In the course of harvesting the watermelon, Gardenia improved her Gardening to Level 6.

She ran down to the water's edge, and was relieved to see that the watermelon was now available as bait.

In no time at all, she had succeeded in catching a Tragic Clownfish,

and a quick glance at her Fishing skill journal confirmed that she had guessed correctly about the fish's preferred bait.

She rushed to the theater to turn in the fish and claim her reward.

She earned $440!

She stopped by the bookstore to sell the cookbook she had mastered.

She went to the pond in Central Park (ignoring the bad quality seeds she saw in the road next to the park,

though she did pick up a couple of Very Nice seeds).

For bait, she tried using the eggs that had come with her refrigerator and that had been in her inventory for nearly a week, and caught several Rainbow Trout.

A glance at her Fishing skill journal showed that egg was in fact the preferred bait of that fish.

She returned home and tended her garden, planting the Very Nice Lettuce seed she had found in the park,

as well as the Very Nice lime tree seed.

By the time she finished tending her garden for the day Gardenia was having such a good time,

that she didn't even notice that several of her needs were getting dangerously low.

So, she used the toilet, took a short nap, then got up, showered, and made herself dinner ("I'm getting pretty good at this Autumn Salad!"),

after which she went back to sleep for the rest of the night.

She woke up just before dawn on Sunday, having a feeling that this would be a lucky day for her.

But, other than spending a happy day in her garden,

eating her own good produce, catching more fish and getting to Fishing Level 7,

nothing much happened, and Gardenia went to bed before 9:00 p.m.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I have no idea what the point of that "day full of good luck" message was--absolutely nothing happened. Maybe I didn't send her scavenging, but should have....


  1. I have a sim that I gave the Lucky trait too, and aside from a good moodlet for a whole day now and then, I've never seen that it does much. The mood boost it gives, while minor, can be nice though.

    Good job with Gardenia so far :) I don't think I've ever had a sim be able to tell that a seed was a Lime Tree seed though. Lime always ends as an "unknown seed" for me. I read somewhere that once you've successfully grown a type of plant that you're supposed to be able to recognize the seeds for that type of plant, but I've never had it work that way for me. Unknowns stay Unknown.

  2. I've always assumed the lucky moodlet impacts the likelihood of a good outcome on events like opportunities, collecting stuff, etc. Not sure though...

    Good update - I'm picking up quite a few gardneing/ fishing tips from reading your blog. Thanks!

  3. I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure it was a lime seed that she found in Central Park. And she had already successfully grown a lime tree from an Unknown seed, so maybe that does work (but, I guess, not for you).