Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gardenia: Days 21 - 23

On Saturday, Gardenia got to Central Park before 6:00 a.m.,

and, inside of 2 hours, she had greatly increased her supply of fish, most of it to be used for fertilizer.

Back at her home lot, she went through her mail, and sold some gold for $145.

She spent the rest of the day tinkering with her appliances, and reached Handiness Level 3,

before retiring for the night at 9:35 a.m.

On Sunday, Gardenia had her first harvest from her Money Tree,

equaling $297!

She continued to improve her Handiness by upgrading her toilet,

which got her to skill Level 4.

Early evening, while fishing in Central Park, she spun a wish to buy something for at least $250,

so she used her cellphone to have a beautiful cherry tree delivered to her yard.

She returned home and upgraded some of her sprinklers,

ending the day at Handiness Level 5. She went to bed just before midnight.

She woke before dawn on Monday and headed back to Central Park. She had a good stock of Red Herring for fertilizer, but wanted to catch fish to sell to the market.

"Boy, I'm really starting to rack up these Lifetime Happiness points!"

She caught a lot of fish, and reached Fishing Skill Level 10.

Back at home late morning, she decided to catch up on reading the recipes she had bought,

and learned to make Cookies and Fish and Chips. "I probably won't eat those together, though," she said to herself.

She got up from her comfortable chair, stretched and went to the mailbox to pay her bills and check her mail. She was delighted to receive a certificate from the local fishermen's association,

which she displayed above her bed.

She also got back more gold from the smelter, which she sold for $185.

Her phone rang,

with another Opportunity.

"Hmmm, that one's going to be tough, and I bet it'll take some time, but it sounds worth it."

She spun a wish to prepare Fish and Chips.

Gardenia was developing a bit of flair as a cook.

Preparing the meal gave her another 250 Lifetime Happiness points, putting her total at 30,373.

(Gardenia had her eye on a Collection Helper reward, and she needed 40,000 points to purchase that.)

She continued to improve her Handiness by upgrading another of her sprinklers.

She wanted to catch an Angelfish,

which she had heard was a preferred bait of the elusive Deathfish. So, she headed to Old Pier Beach, where she caught an Angelfish almost immediately.

She then spun a wish to catch a Deathfish.

"Hmmm," Gardenia wondered aloud. "I wonder if there's any connection between Angelfish and Deathfish?" She packed up her fishing gear and headed to the graveyard.

Using the Angelfish as bait, Gardenia caught a Deathfish very quickly, gaining herself 1,500 Lifetime Happiness points.

She looked at her Fishing Skill Journal and confirmed her suspicion that Angelfish was the preferred bait of Deathfish.

She had used her only piece of Angelfish, so was now out of bait, and went home to sleep. She had 32,141 Lifetime Happiness points.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I expected Gardenia to age up during this post, since these are Day 21 - 23, and I thought the Young Adult stage lasted 21 days. But, she didn't, and her Simology page says she has 4 days till Adult.


  1. Looks like gardenia is doing well. Grats on the level 10 fishing skill.

    That's odd about the age transition - I thought it was 21 days as well.

  2. Grats on the Fishing 10 :) And, yes, it is odd about the aging. I guess you can consider them bonus days :)

  3. I decided just to age her up via the birthday cake, and subtract her "bonus days" from her Adult days....