Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gardenia: Day 9

Before dawn on Monday, Gardenia spun a wish to go fishing before 6:00 a.m.,

which was a pretty easy wish to satisfy, since she had her own pond.

She put the one Red Herring she caught into her fridge,

then went to the Science Center to see if she could feed the Omni Plant, but she wasn't able to do so.

She decided to walk home, and this proved very profitable:

The Luminorious Gem in particular was a great find.

Back at home, Gardenia relentlessly improved her garden--harvesting produce, planting the best of what she'd harvested, and disposing of inferior plants.

"For the first time, I really feel that 'The Perfect Garden' is within my grasp."

She planted the rest of the Uncommon seeds she had in her inventory,

and sent off her gems to be cut. She had finally had enough gems polished into Emerald cuts that she was able to specify the better Oval cut for her most valuable stone, the Luminorious Gem.

"That will increase its value even more!"

She opened her mail, and found that she had received back a Tanzanite and her gold, which she promptly sold.

Just as she was deciding to turn in for the night, her cellphone rang with another opportunity.

"That's a piece of cake," Gardenia said to herself after she'd hung up the phone. She suspected that the next day's harvest would bring several Great plants--or, perhaps, even Excellent plants.

She sat up in bed for a while, gazing at the stars.

"There is no better life than this," she thought.

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  1. Looks like Gardenia's doing really well so far. The home ponds are very convenient for getting in a bit of quick fishing, but I've found the yield from them it a lot less than from other places, esp. from places where there are visible fish swimming and jumping around in the water.