Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gardenia: Days 19 - 20

Gardenia was working in her garden Thursday morning when her cellphone rang,

and she was presented with another opportunity.

"Well, that won't be hard," she told the chef, "because I already have 20 Excellent items in my inventory--I'll be right over!"

Before she left to go downtown, she paused by one of her Unknown plants. "What a funny little tree--what on earth are you?"

The trip to the bistro went well,

and Gardenia was now able to plant eggs and cheese.

She spun a wish to catch 25 goldfish,

and, since Central Park was just across the street from the bistro, she decided to fish there, and quickly earned herself 750 Lifetime Happiness points.

She used the bathroom and shower at the gym, so that she would be refreshed enough to get in some scavenging on her way home.

She found a couple of items,

and once she reached home she sold the gem outright and sent the gold off to the smelter.

"Drat--I forgot to buy an egg and some cheese so that I can plant them!" She went to bed, promising herself she would remember to buy the items the next day.

On Friday, Gardenia woke up to discover that her Unknown tree was a Money Tree. "I can't wait for that harvest!"

This time, she did remember to go downtown and buy egg and cheese to plant.

On her walk home, she found more iron and gold,

and near the military base she found several gems.

Back at home, she opened her mail, and made $185 by selling the gold that she'd just gotten back from the smelter.

She planted her cheese and her egg,

fished for Red Herring in her home pond,

and used it as fertilizer for her 2 new plants.

She noticed she had several Perfect tomatoes in her inventory, so she planted 4 of them to fill out the column that already contained 1 Perfect tomato plant, and reached Gardening Level 9.

She capped off the day by making pasta (Goopy Carbonara) for the first time.

She went to bed at 9:42 (she had gotten much better at getting to bed early, and waking up early for prime fishing time).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Notice how good Gardenia's moodlets are--it takes very little effort on my part to keep her happy. She almost constantly has more than 6 good moodlets at a time.


  1. Good job! I'm still trying to get a money tree for Harriet. She found some more special seeds last night when I played her, so maybe one of them will be a money tree. And it's funny about you/Gardenia forgetting to buy the egg and cheese...I did the same thing!

  2. Yes, so Gardenia lost a day on the "10 Excellent Cheeses" opportunity (which she's offered next day, Saturday), which is a bummer because it takes such a loooooong time do that, anyway....

    Just recently (this post and the next one) I've noticed that Gardenia's spinning loads of really good Wishes--those that are worth 750 to 1,500 Lifetime Happiness points. Is it your impression that groups of higher-point Wishes come along only after 3 Sim weeks or so? I didn't notice many (or any) high-point Wishes for Gardenia 3.0 prior to this.

  3. Hmm, it's hard to say. Harriet has been spinning some, but mostly they're ones that take a bit to fulfill, so I've had trouble getting her a lot of happiness points very quickly. It is easy to keep her up in the "very happy" range of the mood bar though, so she gets points that way almost constantly. Some sims I've played seem to spin big ones a lot, or will spin lots of little ones that are quick and easy to fill so you get more points for them that way. I too often get the big ones roll up when I already have 4 big ones locked in, so I can't take it without dropping one of the others.

  4. Isn't it possible to send the smelted gold and the gems together to make jewellery?
    (Maybe I'm just damaged from RPG-games, but it should certainly be a possibility!)