Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gardenia: Days 32 - 34

After sleeping for a few hours, Gardenia got up Wednesday before dawn and went fishing for Angelfish.

She caught her first lobster.

It was a pretty successful outing, and she quit only when she was too tired to continue.

Gardenia spent the rest of Wednesday tending her garden and restoring her needs, and didn't go out again till late at night. She didn't yet have a Life Plant, so she went to the graveyard and used her new Collection Helper to find Special seeds.

Gardenia figured that, as long as she was already at the graveyard anyway, she would fish for Vampire Fish and Deathfish.

After she ran out of all of her bait for those 2 types of fish, she went to Central Park to fish for more Red Herring.

Just after dawn on Thursday, she returned home and harvested her garden, and found that she finally had 10 Excellent/Outstanding cheeses to complete her Opportunity! She hurried right over to the Bistro to deliver her produce.

Gardenia could now plant burger and steak plants, so she made sure to go to the grocery to buy the necessary items to plant.

While she was at the grocery, she also sold her extra produce and fish

for a total of $485.

Leaving the grocery, Gardenia was still obsessing about her 1,500 point wish.

"Even though I already have my Collection Helper, I could really use more points to get that Super Green Thumb reward I need to complete the challenge!" She thought again about the "100 Red Herring" wish she had had for a quite a while.

Checking her fishing skill journal, she confirmed that she had already caught 95 Red Herring, so she knew the big reward was not very far off.

She went to one of her favorite Red Herring fishing spots, Central Park, which was nearby.

Inside of a couple of hours, Gardenia had caught the fish she needed,

and gotten her 1,500 point reward.

She returned home, napped for a while, then tended her garden, planted the 3 Unknown Special seeds she had found at the graveyard the night before,

and harvested 4 more money bags, which she turned in for $1,183.

A glance at her skills journal revealed that Gardenia had produced Perfect plants of 7 types:

"Just one more Perfect plant to go, and I'll have my Lifetime Wish of a 'Perfect Garden'!"

Since it was only a matter of time till one of her Outstanding plants produced a perfect item, Gardenia turned her attention to a new project--stocking her pond.

Though her pond held 5 types of fish,

it didn't contain Alley Catfish, Angelfish, Vampire Fish, or Deathfish, and Gardenia was tired of having to travel to remote locations to get the particular fish she needed. And she always hated going to the graveyard--the memory of the bear attack was still with her.

Her approach was to catch 10 fish of a certain type and release them into her own pond. She began with Alley Catfish, so she went to Summer Hill Springs.

stayed till she had caught 10 Alley Catfish,

then returned home and (after a nap) released them into her pond.

She was dismayed to discover that all of her existing types of fish disappeared from the pond.

Since she always had plenty of Red Herring in her inventory, she added 10 of those to the pond.

"Phew!" she said aloud. "Now all I have to do is catch 10 Angelfish, 10 Vampire Fish, and 10 Deathfish, and I can do all my fishing from home!"


  1. Oh wow, I didn't realize it totally reset the types of fish you can get when you stock a pond. I've thought about having Harriet do that, but haven't as yet. I probably will eventually though, so it's good to know in advance what it will do.

    Grats on finishing the challenge and getting the steak and patty plants. Great to see that Gardenia's so close to her LTW as well. At the rate she's going, she should finish the challenge well before she becomes an Elder.

  2. I'm reading through, but I don't know if I've commented yet. 14.55 kg lobster??? I don't buy it!