Monday, July 20, 2009

Gardenia: Days 24 - 26

On her way home very early Tuesday morning, Gardenia stopped to catch a butterfly.

She also stopped by the grocery, to sell some of the fish she'd caught.

Arriving home, she found a garden full of plants that needed to be harvested.

The first thing Gardenia did was to harvest her Money Tree, and sell the produce for $585.

After finishing tending her garden, she decided to upgrade another of her sprinklers.

Unfortunately, this took her so long that her needs plummeted,

and she collapsed into bed mid-afternoon.

She slept for an hour or so, until her hunger overcame her fatigue, at which point she got up and made herself some food,

then went back to bed.

"This is not a productive way to live," she told herself as she fell back asleep.

Gardenia got up a few hours later, full of energy, and began to upgrade her a stove,

but went back to bed before finishing it.

Wednesday morning, she had to repair her dishwasher,

and then finished her stove upgrade, earning her Handiness Level 8.

She got a message about another 20% off sale at the bookstore, and resolved to buy herself a few more recipes.

"I just have to remember to get around to reading them this time!"

While tending her garden, both of her Deathplants died and, though she was able to revive one of them,

the other was sadly a goner.

She went to the bookstore to buy her recipes,

and, because her family funds had again reached a comfortable level,

she also decided to invest in the business.

She stopped by her other investment, the market, and sold her extra produce,

and picked up more links to use as bait for her fertilizer fish, Red Herring.

She then went fishing at Pinochle Pond, which was not far from her house.

She knew that Angelfish could be caught there, and she wanted at least one in her inventory to use as bait for Deathfish (though she still had no idea what the bait for Angelfish was).

She lucked out and caught one quickly, and hurried to the graveyard, but discovered she was too early to catch Deathfish.

So, she busied herself catching Vampire Fish until midnight, when the Deathfish appeared.

Her trip to the graveyard was very productive, and Gardenia took the time Thursday morning to stop by the grocery to sell her catch--earning $1,680!--

before collapsing once again from near-exhaustion.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Join us next time, when Gardenia finally ages up.

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